Help Us Celebrate 30 Years!

You can help us make this year's 30th Annual Archway Days Festival a memorable celebration as brilliant and spectacular as ever by "Adopting" individual firework shells that will be fired on Saturday, August 25th!

Proud "Parents" will receive an official "Adopt-A-Firework" Certificate and recognition during the Archway Days Festival.

To commemorate the last 30 years, we offer the following options:

1 Shell for $5.00-$40.00

1 Cake for $50.00-$190.00

Specialty Item for $15.00-$1,500.00

Part of the Finale for $200.00-$1,500.00

Corporate Sponsorship for $250.00 and up!

As a bonus, if you Adopt-A-Boom for $50.00 or more, you will get a spot in our VIP area for the fireworks!

$50.00-$249.00 = 2 VIP Tickets

$250.00-$499.00 = 4 VIP Tickets

$500.00 and up = 6 VIP Tickets

Consider Adopt-A-Boom and then, August 25th, sit back and watch YOUR SHOW!

Adopt online with the PayPal link below, or mail your adoption donation to:

Archway Days Festival, Inc.

PO Box 367

Centerville, IN  47330

Adopt-a-Boom PayPal Link